Stories about IYWD's involvement with young women in the community

Young Women Shift over 30 Years of Patriarchal Rule.

Dear Mr Patriarchy Sir…..

Greetings to you from the Feminist Movement. 

It is my greatest pleasure to share with you about one of my successes in  life. l was elected as School Development Committee Chairperson (SDC) at Trojan Mine Primary School in Bindura of Mashonaland Central Province.

I wish to extend my utmost gratitude to the women who stood by me. A special thank you goes to my sisters at the Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD), for inviting me to their Transformative Leadership Training (TLT) because this was a stepping stone that led me to run for office on the 20th of April 2021.

On the day of the elections, l was dressed for victory and success to the exclusion of any other possible outcomes. l reflected on the Personal Branding and Transformative Leadership Training Trainings. I decided to practice what l learnt, in particular that it is possible for young women to take up leadership positions at the community level. The personal branding academy convinced me to carry myself with confidence as a leader and to have the etiquette to have critical constructive dialogue with others, even if they have different views from mine. On the day of reckoning, l presented myself confidently to the community. As the Annual General Meeting unfolded, l wanted people to realize that l have the capacity to lead the SDC . Following my address the young women and women from the community understood that we needed to put women first in decision making positions for their issues to be fully addressed. I stood firmly against five candidates and four of them were men. Yes, l am proud to say that l am the head of an all-male SDC.


l am looking forward to working with school authorities and parents to ensure that we promote academic excellence, that has the girl  child at the core of it. My heart bleeds at the significantly low pass rates of the last two years. Grooming young women leaders will be my personal crusade. Did l mention how the Headmistress Mrs Hakata applauded me and said, “ the last female SDC chair was elected in1982, this is a big step for us as women”. l have rewritten over 30 years of history at Trojan Mine Primary School. Many have words for you Mr Patriarchy Sir, my fellow sister Catherine Muchenje says:

“I am happy to see a young woman in a leadership position, we waited for years to see this day. We are witnessing the results of Leadership Trainings which were conducted by the  lYWD. The lYWD works are now bearing fruits. It is not easy to compete with you Mr Patriarchy Sir. Our sister Vimbai Mukau has managed to break chains of patriarchy”. 

Mr Chirwa, one of my rivals, celebrated with me and said “I believe that women can do better, l am happy to see women challenge the patriarchal systems by claiming their space . Be a strong leader Vimbai.”


Mr Patriarchy Sir, the Feminist Movement is building momentum. We are taking up space!!


Yours faithfully,

The Woman of the Moment,

Vimbai Muaku