Stories about IYWD's involvement with young women in the community

My Daily Bread (#16Days Poem) by Placedes Lulanga

Up before the day begins
Brushing shoulders with things of the night
For me life is a constant fight
To put the household in order before they wake
When they open their eyes they will need water
The one thing that makes them feel better
Water is life
I got to find it
I am a mother the giver of life.

The distance I walk in search of the life liquid
Is nothing compared to the work I do
Just to put a morsel into their mouths
And enduring the constant shouts
'Mama I am hungry'
The back breaking toil
The heartache of knowing its not enough
The vain dreams for my children
Its all in a day's work.

I prefer the physical taxation to the emotional one
Every evening the evaluation is the same
'Woman you are wasting the cows spreading dung in your father's compound'
Everyday its the same if not worse
If I dare open my mouth to say some
It rains punches and insults
The children cower and assume it is ok
To treat a woman such
They continue to dish the daily bread.

I dread the night, the time for rest
My nightmare begins before I even close my eyes
Give, give, give
'For the cows grazing in your fathers compound'
He takes me in the most callous way
For his pleasure only he takes
Worsening that backache and heartache
I endure the night shift
For it is my daily bread!