Stories about IYWD's involvement with young women in the community

Her 10 Years (by Lydia Hlabati)

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”,

One thinker said.


What got into her mind,

Which idea was the first, followed by which one?

We never know.

All we know is ten years is a lifetime.


From a seed, conception, pregnancy,

Only she knows how long it took her to give birth.


Some pregnancies are aborted, Some born prematurely

Some at the right time and some post-maturely.

All we see today is a 10 year old.


From seed time she felt, heard, saw, pondered, A LOT.

Change the idea? No let me stick to it!

But it seems everyone is doing what I am visualizing.

Will my idea have any impact?

Will my dream come true?

Will I reach my goal?


Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Four seasons in a year. She saw them all.


Hold on another day is coming.

Soon and very soon the storm will be over!


The baby cries for “no reason”.

Hunger, thirst, sickness, lack, want,

Food, water, clothes, fees, shelter, comfort, warmth.

She has been through it ALL.


I remember how I was at 10.

My second year then, o using a ball point pen.

Old enough to be an envy of those in creche.

Let alone the ones still using pencils.

I held their hands when crossing the road.

Some copied corrections from my work.


Today we celebrate you.

With you we celebrate.

For you we celebrate.


Strengthen one behind you by giving them hope.

Hold hands and travel with the one alongside you.

May those ahead of you remember you.


Go go go GIRL.

Never let anything limit you.

In darkness remember the light at the end of the tunnel.

One day you will glide. You will surely go places!