Stories about IYWD's involvement with young women in the community

Ndiro Yakazara "The Rainbow Plate"

Gean Kasukuvere, a young woman from Shamva District, Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe introduced her healthy plate of farm products; "The Rainbow Plate", locally known as Ndiro Yakazara (which means a plate with everything). The plate has a variety of natural and home grown healthy food products like grains, groundnuts, pumpkin seeds and honey. In this article Gean gives us a detailed background to Ndiro Yakazara.

I started Ndiro Yakazara after attending a training about small scale farming in Masvingo in July 2019, an opportunity I got through the Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD). l learnt a lot of things there and I came back to Shamva, my home, with excitement. I was eager to put what I had learnt into practice. I started to introduce the rainbow plate to my family and encouraged them to eat food from small grains which include millet, sorghum, rapoko, pumpkins, popcorn,sunflower, soybeans, sugar beans, honey, vegetables and so on. I also taught them about the keyhole garden.

After l educated my family and friends, l went to the village head, to give me the opportunity to educate all people in the village. After introducing it to the people most of them liked it and they said that l had to teach the whole ward because they learnt a lot and it was very interesting. I spoke to the Councillor and after being given the go ahead to educate the whole ward I spoke to people unequivocally and people expressed interest in the concept. I then got the advise to introduce the rainbow plate to Madziva Hospital because it is a place where different people from different wards meet and the products in the plate can be useful for patients. I did so and the nurses at the hospital liked it and encouraged me to come everyday and share information at the same time selling products from the Rainbow Plate. 

I'm glad Ndiro Yakazara is getting popular by each day in and outside Madziva, as people are welcoming it well in Mashonaland Central Province. Everyday I receive phone calls and orders from new customers. Some people now even call me Mrs Ndiro Yakazara. I'm glad I now play a big role in my community to promote healthy eating, self-care, at the same time being an entrepreneur which is enabling me to sustain my life and assist my husband in taking care of our family. I am not turning back! I am going forward about Ndiro yakazara. I want to thank IYWD for the empowerment through skills and knowledge they have been imparting to us as young women in rural areas.