Stories about IYWD's involvement with young women in the community

Feminist Leadership School 2018

IYWD published a call for applications for a Feminist Leadership School for young women between the ages of 15-35, under the theme: Contextualizing and Reinforcing Zimbabwean Feminism among young women and girls. The Feminist Leadership School aimed at strengthening the existing Zimbabwean Feminist identity amongst young women and girls.

 55 women participated at the first ever Feminist Leadership School that was held at Mayfair Lodges in Bindura from 11 to 14 December 2018. The initiative attracted vibrant feminists from the 10 Provinces of Zimbabwe. Aimed at enhancing the sense of collectivism among young women and develop feminist consciousness and capacities, this program was facilitated by renowned feminists Bella Matambanadzo, Lucy Makaza and Winnet Shamuyarira. The knowledge and skills attained at the Feminist School will enhance social movements and advocacy for young women issues in their respective communities. Some of the major highlights of the training were critical consciousness on safety, power sharing, diversity, advocacy, challenge and conflict.