Promoting Participatory and Gender Inclusive Local Governance for Improved Gender Responsive Social Service Delivery

The project had a 2-pronged approache aimed at:
  1. Developing the leadership capabilities of young women to confidently and pro-actively engage their local authorities in seeking accountability for improved GRSSD.
  2. Facilitating platforms for engagement and accountability among young women, business and local authorities for improved GRSSD.


  • Engaged young women on their constitutional rights, located their voice in traditional leadership system by being peace advocates for enhanced political participation of young women and girls in democratic process at local and national levels,
  • Developed young women and girls’ knowledge on social accountability,
  • Strengthened and enhanced their capacity to advocate for improved social service delivery, water, health and road infrastructure,
  • Facilitated the establishment of 10 community Peace Committees-cum-Community Working Groups (CWGs) which are playing an active role in mobilizing and advocating for young women’s participation in decision-making processes
  • Increased participation of young women and girls’ in local authorities’ governance processes including full council meetings, strategy planning processes, budgeting and Provincial Development Committees among others for gender responsive social service delivery

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