From Victims to Change Agents

Young Women Demand Access to Decision Making

From Victims to Change Agents – Young Women Demand Access to Decision Making Project

The goal of the project is to see women are change agents actively participating and influence decision-making processes at a local and national level in order for them to access political and socioeconomic rights


  • IYWD is a democratic member driven organisation of more than 5000 actively involved members participating in IYWD decision making processes. These members directly elect a five member Dariro Executive Committee at the bi-annual Elective General Meeting.  The 5000 members are organised into 30 Ward Dariro Committe    conducting meeting at regular basis, at least every second month  in their wards.
  • Improving sustainability and active participation IYWD members are empowered young women able to identify areas for intervention on issues concerning their daily lives and skilled to advocate and push for change by advocating and execute civil action
  • The project successfully established peace committees, which function as a community mechanism to tackle the issues around gender based violence. The peace committees comprise a majority of young women/ IYWD members, paramount traditional chief, headmen, village heads, religious leaders and in some instances a local councilor. They exist at ward level and their major responsibilities are to identify and detect early warnings of violence against women in their localities, report emerging cases of violence against young women, that are likely to affect their participation, in the public sphere to the traditional court system or police.   The peace committees have proven to be an acceptable mechanism to publicly speak out against VAW in the public sphere and to motivate young women’s participation in decision making. A significant impact of the awareness raising and sensitization with both the young women and the traditional leaders is how they now recognize the important role and perspective of young women in their traditional courts. As a result of this interaction, the traditional leaders have invited and included young women during some of the cases in their courts and even given them special invitations to community meetings, which is unprecedented in these communities

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